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You've seen the campaign ads and, perhaps, even watched a debate. But what are the presidential candidates really about? Here, we look at where John McCain and Barack Obama stand on some of the major issues facing the nation. (Photos by Chuck Kennedy/MCT)

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Reports from the Primary:

PRIMARY NOTES: What Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, car racer Al Unser and Oprah Winfrey have in common in the presidential nomination race. 12/10/2007

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The beginning of the process: The presidential primary

New to presidential primaries? Here's a primer about this occasionally mystifying method of picking candidates, by Keene State College journalism professor Rose Kundanis.

How political parties choose their candidates, and why New Hampshire comes early in the selection process.

The rise of virtual retail politics.

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HOWARD DEAN – 2004 Democratic primary
An innovator in using the Internet to marshal campaign support, the former Vermont governor was something of an anti-establishment candidate with a wide following. He finished second in the primary to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, and later faded as a candidate. He wound up running the national Democratic party. He’s pictured here at an energetic rally at the Keene Middle School auditorium just before voting day. (Photo by MICHAEL MOORE of The Sentinel)
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